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This Ramble Tag is a lightweight harness, designed to be worn on the upper arm of a guide.

The Ramble Tag was created to increase pleasure and independence while walking with a guide. It also enhances security, safety and comfort with easy-grip handle.
Water resistant, lightweight and breathable.
Featuring modern ‘Spacetec’ soft grip and two Velcro adjustable straps


This is the NEW EDITION Ramble Tag .

We have finely tuned our Original Ramble Tag design for better comfort and easier use.

This has a new soft touch and slip resistant interior, and fastens with two Velcro straps.  It has a neat handle to enhance the amount of physical information received from the guide.

One year after launching our original, we are introducing this as NEW and IMPROVED.

It has a stylish outer appearance, while being practical and efficient in all weathers. It is a comfortable alternative to linking arms, allowing for free movement, without physical contact.

The Ramble Tag is not a lifting device.
Never put your whole hand through the loop.
Do not use on escalators.
Wipe Clean or hand wash with gentle soap.

14 day refund on returns