RAMBLE TAG – SMALL *guide running / guiding young children


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This Ramble Tag is a lightweight harness, designed to be worn on the wrist of a guide. This is the small size and has two uses, it can be worn with the handle pointing in either direction.

Sport Ramble Tag guide running OR #WeeAndFree for use with a child learning to walk .

The Ramble Tag was created to increase pleasure and independence while running or playing sports with a guide. It also enhances security, safety and comfort with easy-grip handle.

Small tag would cover arm circumference between 19cm and 22cm

Alternatively, it can be worn on a small upper arm, or on the wrist of an adult with a child being guided.

Water resistant, lightweight and breathable.
Featuring modern ‘Spacetec’ soft grip and two Velcro adjustable straps


This small harness is perfect for using with young children, or for guide running.

This has a Spacemesh padded interior, and fastens with two Velcro straps.  It has a slightly longer handle to enhance the freedom of movement with the guide.

It has a stylish outer appearance, while being practical and efficient in all weathers. It is a comfortable alternative to a running tether or holding hands, allowing for free movement, without physical contact.

The Ramble Tag is not a lifting device.
Never put your whole hand through the loop.
Do not use on escalators.
Wipe Clean or hand wash with gentle soap.

14 day refund on returns