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Ramble Tag Metro


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The Metro Tag is an alternative design to the Original Tag.  It has a compact guidance aid with a much tighter flat handle for added closeness to your guide, this handle is not reinforced with rope. The Metro Tag is limited to Orange or Black.

The Metro Tag guidance aid is a practical and efficient guidance aid suitable for all weather.

It has a soft touch, slip resistant interior and fastens with two Velcro-like straps.  This model has the flat soft handle, unlike the other Tags which have the loop handle.

Water resistant, lightweight and breathable.

This comes in one size covering arm circumference between 25cm and 42cm


The Ramble Tag Metro is a lightweight harness, designed to be worn on the upper arm of a guide.  It was created to increase confidence and independence while walking with a guide, with a particular focus on it resembling the traditional guiding connection.  It can be used as a sole guidance tool, or in conjunction with other guidance methods such as the white cane or a guide dog.  Here are some advantages to using a Ramble Tag.

    1. Improved Safety: The Ramble Tag can enhance safety by providing a physical connection between a sighted guide and a visually impaired person. It helps prevent accidental collisions with obstacles, assists in maintaining a straight path, while keeping a flexible connection.
    2. Increased Independence: By using the Ramble Tag, individuals with visual impairments can gain greater independence during outdoor activities. They can confidently explore their surroundings, participate in outdoor events, and navigate unfamiliar environments with the assistance of a trusted tool.
    3. Enhanced Mobility: The Ramble Tag enables a smoother and more fluid movement for both the guide and the visually impaired individual. It allows for more natural walking and helps individuals maintain a comfortable pace without relying on constant physical contact or verbal cues.
    4. Psychological Comfort: The presence of the Ramble Tag can provide a sense of security and comfort to visually impaired individuals. It helps reduce anxiety and promotes a feeling of trust and reassurance, knowing that a reliable guide is nearby to offer assistance.
    5. Social Inclusion: With the support of the Ramble Tag, individuals with visual impairments can actively participate in social outings, group activities, and walks with friends and family. It fosters inclusivity and enables them to engage more fully in shared experiences.
    6. Easy to Use: The Ramble Tag is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. It typically consists of a handle that attaches to the guide for the person being guided to hold, maintaining control of their situation. Its simplicity makes it accessible to a wide range of users and no training is necessary.

    It’s important to note that specific benefits may vary depending on individual needs and circumstances.

    Safety notes:

The Ramble Tag is not a lifting device.
Never put your whole hand through the loop.
Do not use on escalators.
Wipe Clean or hand wash with gentle soap.

If you try our blind aid and it’s not for you, just return it for a refund.


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