I found this guidance aid easier to hold onto rather than someone’s arm, I felt Steve’s movements as he weaved through the busy platform and I felt comfortable doing it.  When boarding the train I allowed him to go first giving me the opportunity to quickly assess how big a step to make.


I found this arm loop enjoyable to use @queen street station this morning.  Let’s see this implemented please.


Just tested a Rt with one of our clients, 88 year old Margaret, here at Vision PK Perth. She thoroughly approved of the device – thought it was ‘wonderful’.

vision pk perth

Brilliant, great price as well.  I work with a youth group at night for people with and without disabilities and we have a young lad who is visually impaired and this would be fab as we go out once a month and do social activities.


We love it, so much more comfortable for both of us and not as much strain on my back.

Samantha Boyes

Tom and Laura we are so very proud of you coming all the way to Newcastle with ramble tag. The group loved it feedback was amazing.

colin hetherington

The idea is a simple one but very effective, we are always seeking out innovative ideas which will help our customers, the Special Assistance Team are looking forward to using them at the airport.



When Laura initially told me about the idea for the ramble tag I have to be honest I was very sceptical and was not sure how it would improve the enjoyment that we already get from walking the dog.

However, using this has made walking the dog so much easier.  I have a firmer grip of my wife’s arm so when the dog suddenly pulls unexpectedly I can still keep hold of her. It does make walking in the outdoors with a very large and boisterous dog so much easier.

Chris Malcolm

Not only is your ramble tag a great idea that can help/support so many people but you are such lovely people it was such a pleasure to spend time with you.

Fiona clark