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(Please note: the Orange and Tartan Ramble Tag now has two options. Any Ramble Tag will work on both arms, but we have now introduced a version that is a little less footery when wrapping around your own right arm, by flipping the velcro to the other side. This one is a little easier for a Guide.On.Right)

The Ramble Tag is a completely new kind of guidance aid.  It was created to increase pleasure and independence while walking with a guide.  It also enhances security and safety.

The Ramble Tag is a lightweight harness, designed to be worn on the upper arm of a guide.

It has a stylish outer appearance, while being practical and efficient in all weathers. It is a comfortable alternative to linking arms, allowing for free movement, without physical contact.

  • Our offer allows us to introduce this new product into the world at the best price we can.  We will aim to keep it at this.  We believe in manufacturing in the UK, and supporting local businesses and will also be running promotions to support local and UK charities.  Watch this space!
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  • Original Brand name: Ramble Tag Ltd
  • Water resistant (designed in Scotland and made in England – with all seasons in mind)
  • Lightweight, at 57 grams you’ll barely notice wearing it.
  • Breathable space-mesh inside, allowing air flow and comfort.
  • Very strong and comfortable neoprene/rope handle.
  • Two Velcro adjustable straps – one size (adults)
  • Designed to fit comfortably and allow for muscle expansion.
  • Available in 5 colours – Tartan, Blue, Black, High Visibility Orange or Red. (colours may vary slightly to screen)
  • It is our understanding that these are bought for visually impaired people, and so we can offer FREE WORLD WIDE POSTAGE under  ‘Articles for the Blind’
  • The Ramble Tag is not a lifting device.
  • Wipe Clean or hand wash with gentle soap.
  • 14 day refund on returns.

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Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 27.8 × 13.7 cm