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Who We Are

Laura and Tom
Neighbours, friends, business partners.

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey since starting Ramble Tag in October 2018!
The support has been so encouraging. From individual feedback, to being finalists in the RNIB Innovation of the Year Awards 2019, the National Diversity Awards 2020 and runners-up in the Blackwood Design Awards 2019.
Customers from all over the world send inspiring messages letting us know just how The Ramble Tag has changed their lives.
We started our journey with a successful Kickstarter campaign, which helped get The Ramble Tag to market. 

Our Vision

We want to make life easier! Both the guide and person being guided will benefit from our product for many reasons. Comfort, no strain, and independence are just a few. We believe in choice, and our guidance aid offers an alternative to traditional guiding.

Our Reason

Guiding and being guided should feel safe and comfortable. Physical boundaries can be easily respected. For many this is an important factor to feeling confident, particularly if a staff member or someone unfamiliar is doing the guiding.

Our Story

The Tag was invented by Tom, who is blind, and Laura his neighbour and friend, she often acts as his guide. The concept sparked on one of their dog walks, and snow balled from there! Both have creative backgrounds so they designed every detail of the product and packaging themselves.

Where is the Ramble Tag being used?

Many airports and train stations throughout the UK are using the Ramble Tag for assistance, as well as various public spaces such as theatres, council buildings, stadiums, hospitals (as far as the Emirates) and public attractions (as exciting as the Tate galleries.) 

Glasgow airport were the first to recognise the Ramble Tags benefits with their OCS teams welcoming this innovative approach to guiding.