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Introducing The Ramble Tag -
Designed and made in the UK.

We are excited to tell you about our invention created in 2018 which enables blind and visually impaired people world wide to enjoy more freedom and safety while walking with their guide. 
This was invented by my neighbour Tom, who is blind, and myself who acts as his guide when needed.  The concept was from a shared spark of an idea that came to us on one of our strolls with our dogs.   We were chatting about how a guided experience could be made more fluid, and what could give the blind person more independence and the guide more confidence. 
The Ramble Tag is the result!  It was designed with love and passion, and a shared understanding of some of the issues that can arise using traditional methods.
As it is a contactless guidance method, it is particularly useful for those who wish to avoid touching their guide.  Physical boundaries can also be easily respected, and the overall experience is so easy and comfortable.
Laura & Tom smiling with a Ramble Tag on Laura's upper arm.

We developed a range of Tags, including a small one for running, and the Metro Tag.

runner sitting happy with wrist sport tag