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Introducing The Ramble Tag -
Designed and made in the UK.

The Ramble Tag is a guidance aid, designed to be worn on the arm of a guide with a visually impaired person.    It acts as a simple alternative to linking or holding arms, offering more independence to the user while increasing comfort for both users.
They are perfect for everyday use, sports, and assistance teams.

An inclusive option, suitable for the likes of stadiums, airports, rail stations and many public spaces.

This simple device is comfortable and practical while respecting physical boundaries.   We believe in CHOICE and aim to make public spaces more INCLUSIVE.  

You can read about the OCS assistance teams in UK airports – more.

We have two types of fasteners, Velcro straps or Fidlock quick-release buckle.

Invented by a blind man and his neighbour.

quick release fidlock being held by fingers
close up of spacetec interior on new edition tag
fidlock quick release is metal with magnets and clever mechanism